The Best Overalls, Overall (AKA Groovin’ The Moo 2013 Review)

The youth of regional Australia often face a harsh reality when it comes to attending live music events: travel in excess of 100km or forget about it. The current lay of Australia’s live music landscape means that touring international acts generally stick to coastal capital cities and play a handful of shows in 2000+ seat amphitheaters – regional centres can’t compete with these volumes & simply miss out (Coober Pedy Opal Inn struggles with 10 at the best of times) .

Groovin’ The Moo Festival is a great ALL AGES  initiative bringing live music to those forgotten fans in regional Australia. Running over two weeks, GTM travels to Maitland, Canberra, Bendigo, Townsville and Bunbury, and hosts an eclectic range of domestic and international acts. The tour kicked off yesterday in Maitland, NSW & my personal highlights are below:


The Best Snack Smuggle: Tim Tams

Tim Tams

Smuggling ‘pingas’ into festivals is sooooo 2012… you want a challenge? Try shelving an entire packet of Tim Tams.


The Best Nostalgic Song: ‘Polyester Girl’ by Regurgitator


The utter greatness of this track went over the majority of the tween crowd (probably still gametes at the time of release), but there was a strong feel of fond nostalgia among the older crew – plus it reminded me of how incredibly bad CGI was in the 90s.


The  Most Gumbys I’ve Ever Seen In Once Place: Six


Believe me – I’ve seen some Gumbys in my time, but six Gumbys is the most I’ve ever seen simultaneously. These guys were sweating it out all day & getting swarmed by masses of girls – so lads if you want to meet/pull women at a festival, a gumby suit can’t hurt.


The Clearest Sky


Despite the the two people rocketing skyward, encased in a metallic ball of horror, Maitland supplied a real purrrdy skyline.


The Best Overalls, Overall: This Guy


So what is the best way to dress in theme for a regional music festival? Overalls, of course! Every fifth person was wearing a pair – but this kid was just pulling. it. off.


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